Glowing, youthful skin

Get glowing, youthful healthy skin with Zeba Absolute Oil.

Zeba Absolute Oil with Myrrh & Frankincense is a delicate blend of active natural ingredients that regenerate the skin. 

It is called ABSOLUTE for a reason!  It will treat all skin conditions and concerns.

Use on face and body daily. It can be used by itself or for extra nourishment on top of your regular moisturiser.


Zeba Oil Media

Zeba Absolute Oil has been featured in top New Zealand Magazines; Women's Weekly, Woman's Day and Next Magazine.

Zeba Absolute Oil has also featured in the top New Zealand Radio Stations More FM and The Breeze.


Our ethos are important to us

Zeba Absolute Oil's mission is to create beautiful skin with the efficacy of Myrrh & Frankincense Essential Oils, whilst caring for the health of both your skin and our planet.

Benefits of Myrrh

For thousands of years, Myrrh oil has been used a variety of ways; many of which are still applicable today. Myrrh was used by ancient civilizations because of its numerous benefits and, it was valued higher than gold.

For centuries, it’s been used in traditional Chinese medicine for its healing properties.

Ancient Egyptians also prized myrrh for its beauty benefits. Lovers of all things beauty, they used it in skincare to reverse signs of aging and maintain healthy skin.

Myrrh Essential Oil is anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-aging. 

Myrrh Essential Oil help improves skin tone, firmness, and skin elasticity reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Also heals damaged skin, rashes and eczema.



Benefits of Frankincense

Frankincense essential oil is powerfully astringent, meaning it can naturally slow down the signs of aging by lifting and toning the skin thus reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

It also helps to protect and regenerate skin cells which can even out the complexion, fade stretch marks and heal cracked skin.

Its antibacterial action makes Frankincense effective for acne and other blemishes. It can also fade scars at a much faster rate


What are your skin concerns?

Are you concerned about aging? 

Zeba Absolute Oil will firm & hydrate, even skin tone & texture, reduce lines & wrinkle, and restore your skins health. Your skin will look more radiant and more youthful!

Are you concerned about blemishes, breakouts or uneven skin tone? 

Zeba Absolute Oil contains concentrated healing ingredients that will keep your skin clear and even.

Are you concerned with sensitive, stressed or damaged skin?

Zeba Absolute Oil has carefully selected ingredients to address all major skin concerns including stretch marks, scarring, sunspots and sun damaged skin!

  • My skin looks great

    "Loving this product!! My skin was starting to dry out coming into winter and my normal mosturiser was just not cutting it, I use this oil as part of my daily and nightly routine, it is very quickly absorbed into skin allowing you to apply your make up without that greasy feeling, it also has a wonderful smell. I have been using now for 2 weeks and I can definitley see the difference in my skin, it has even made some fine lines seem some how finer, I will be buying Zeba Oil from now on." Jodie Berking, Auckland

  • Thrilled with the results

    "I have been using Zeba for a few weeks and am absolutely thrilled with the results!
    I have very oily skin, which is prone to spots and somehow also manages to look really dull.... This miracle oil has stopped breakouts and given my skin the glow I'd been dreaming of! Highly, highly recommend!" Lu

  • Magic in a bottle

    "This is my go to beauty secret! Have been using this beautiful oil for a couple of years now and I receive so many compliments on my skin. I love the scent and texture and best of all, it compliments of sensitive skin, leaving it nourished and radiant. Highly recommend!" Bronwyn Rae, Tauranga

  • Outstanding product

    "I was sceptical of this product however after almost finishing my first bottle, I now have purchased a second. Any age, any skin type, this is a brilliant product. Do not hesitate to take the first step and buy your first bottle" Rosalie